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Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville FL

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville FL

Action Home Pro is a high end, high quality carpet and tile cleaning company based in Jacksonville FL that helps busy homeowners maintain a clean and healthy home year-round.

For over 20 years Action Home Pro has served the homeowners located in 10 different country clubs in this area. To date we are still referred to as the County Club cleaners. Our client base extends from Ponte Vedra FL to Nocatee, Palencia and St. Johns county golf course communities.

We are a family run carpet cleaning company that provides care, integrity and trust for our homeowners and we use the latest equipment such as our line or Sapphire truckmount 570 and our full line of safe cleaning chemicals most manufactured by Bridgepoint.

Many busy homeowners require hot water steam extraction cleaning at least once per year and many of the carpet manufacturers highly recommend professional carpet cleaning more like two times per year in order to maintain healthy clean carpets that will not suffer fiber damage due to abrasive dirt and sand.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Another cleaning service we offer is Tile & Grout cleaning. This is a process where we use high pressure hot water from the truckmount which is contained in a tool called a tile and grout wand. The tool we use and really find does a great job removing embedded dirt and soil from grout lines is the Hydramaster Turbo. Couple this tool with 200-degree hot water and 1000 psi and you end up with tile floors that look like new.

Carpet Cleaning Programs

Action Home Pro also offers the world’s only MSP or managed service program for maintaining carpet and tile for residential homes. This is how our Managed Service Program which is called Effortless 365 works; First we offer an initial carpet cleaning which includes pre-spray and all spotters needed to remove spills and stains from carpeting. Many companies skip this procedure or worse, they charge you for each and every spot that needs to be treated. This also includes pet odor removal and coffee stain removal. Next, we inquire if you would like to include any tile and grout cleaning as part of the homes program.

Once we establish the level of cleaning required we total the square foot pricing for both surfaces and then divide in half to offer you a savings of 50% as part of the carpet cleaning program.

The next step in the formula for hassle free carpet and tile cleaning is what we call the MSP or once again the managed service program part of the system.

This is where our clients become part of the membership and we visit the home once every 6 months and repeat the entire cleaning process including all pre spray and hot water steam extraction and we perform multiple dry passes to insure fast dry times of the carpeting.

The program simply adds up what the total carpet and tile cleaning costs would be for an entire year or 2 cleanings and then we save you 50% and divide that total amount with the carpet cleaning savings into 12 monthly payments.

5 Questions To Ask before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

Does your company offer free estimates?

This one question can save homeowners tons of stress, hassle and most importantly it can help protect homeowners from bait and switch carpet cleaners that scam and rip people off.


Well, any cleaner that runs a moral and ethical company should be offering to come out to your home, measure it, go over problem areas such as high traffic pattern areas such as hallways and master bedrooms and then he or she should be able to offer you a written guarantee of price based on what you are looking for as far as services.

This free estimate appointment also does two other very important things. It establishes expectations as to how filthy the carpeting is, how clean it will be and if there is any damage such as permanent stains, broken carpet seams or bunching of carpet in the room. Secondly and most important out of everything is the fact that it gives you the ability to meet the team, see how they treat you and also see if they try to scam you with useless add-ons that should be part of the process.

What carpet cleaning method do you use?

Friends, this is an area of great confusion for many people. There are multiple cleaning methods and while many cleaners and IICRC instructors battle back and forth with every conceivable process from hot water steam extraction to chem-dry to bonnet cleaning. While each method may have it’s place in the arena, nothing removes dirt, bacteria and dust mites and then restores carpet fibers to supple soft carpeting better than expensive chemicals coupled with expensive truckmounts that result in the cleaning process known as hot water steam extraction or steam cleaning.

All 3 carpet manufacturers including Shaw highly recommend this method as the best. They also highly recommend at least once per every twelve months but prefer twice.

Is the company Safe?

This is the question I would personally put as number 1. Is the company that I am about to invite into my home, where my family, my pets and my personal belongings are… are they safe and trustworthy? Friends, this is a tough question and rather difficult to access because you may be dealing with a company that appears to be trustworthy but the question is… can they prove it?

I always start with google on this one. When I am researching a company the first thing I do is google that companies name coupled with search terms like scam, reviews, complaints and trust me – it’s amazing what you’ll find. While the internet can cause a lot of problems, the one thing it does pretty well is it “vets” many bad companies for you. 2 star reviews, rip-off reports and many other sites help customers decipher the great from the horrible cleaners in an area.

I also revert back to the free in-home estimate. With our company Action Home Pro Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Jacksonville FL, when you call for an estimate, one of the owners comes to meet you. We introduce you through our apps to the technician that will serve you and we have over 35 years of proof that we are very moral and ethical.

The fourth question we get quite often is:

How long will it take my carpets to dry?

The main reason clients have to ask this is because they have heard the carpet cleaning nightmare stories of friends or acquaintances that have hired those coupon cleaners from the carpet cleaning val pack offers and these guys show up with an $800 portable cleaning unit, not a $50,000 truck mount and consequently they do a bad job and because the cheap unit cannot vacuum like an expensive truck-mount vacuum, the carpeting gets soaked and stays saturated for days. This is a problem we hear all the time. DO NOT USE COUPON CLEANERS…

However, with all of this being said, hot water steam extraction does use water to rinse the carpet fibers and when water is used, you have to expect a little bit of dry time. Our clients find that they are able to walk on their carpeting within 2 hours of completion and in a majority of the cleanings, carpeting is dry to the touch within 4 to 6 hours.

So I will ask you this. Is the water worth the difference in time?

YES! here’s why.

Let’s say you out and purchase a$200 blouse for work. This blouse does not require dry cleaning and it may be machine washed. You may wear that blouse a few times before you start to notice it may be slightly dirty or starting to smell a little. Not much different than carpeting we walk on every day.

So you decide to clean it. Do you think it will get more clean if you simply wipe it with a cotton towel and some spray cleaner, or do you think a machine wash (WITH WATER) on the gentle cycle and some fabric rinse will do a much better job cleaning the shirt? That’s the difference in hot water extraction vs bonnet cleaning or chem dry processes. Nothing cleans like water!

Frank, what areas of Jacksonville does Action Home Pro cover?

The ability to list the areas will look a little crazy but you may read through and see if you recognize your area. Sorry for how messy it looks but this is the best way to list for Jacksonville FL. We service Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Nocatee, Palencia, Walden Chase, CR 210 including St. Johns Golf, Cimarron Country Club, South Hampton, Whitelock Farms, World Golf Village, Mandarin, Julington Creek, Julington Creek Plantation, Jacksonville Golf and Country, Queens Harbour, Intracoastal West, San Pablo, Pablo Bay, Riverfront and Oceanfront homes.

For those clients looking for a great carpet or tile cleaning experience from the best carpet and tile cleaning company serving high-end homes in the Jacksonville market delivered without any hassle or stress and the ability to get high end carpet and tile cleaning without spending a fortune, I recommend you contact us today for your free estimate.

Action Home Pro is a family owned and operated carpet and tile cleaning company serving the best clients in Jacksonville. If you would like to experience clean and healthy carpet and tile all year long and save a ton of money, please watch the videos and fill out the contact information and we will get in touch.

Frank Santagato

Owner of Action Home Pro Carpet and Tile Cleaning