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* Expertise Best: Action Home Pro Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville FL has been voted “Top Carpet Cleaning Company” in our marketplace by EXPERTISE which is an independent service that rates companies based on reviews, ratings and client feedback.

** Special note from the owner: I personally provide our clients and prospects with solid information and steps to help you educate yourself on choosing a carpet cleaning company that will take care of you and not scam your hard-earned money. Action Home Pro is DEDICATED to that mission:  Frank Santagato

Are You Still Looking For A Professional Company To Clean Your Carpet and Tile in Jacksonville, St. Johns and Ponte Vedra FL?

For over 35 years the Santagato family has delivered non-stop quality and service to a very select group of clients. Most of our clients refer to us as ” The Country Club Cleaners ” and this is because nearly 80% of the homes we service are located inside one of many Golf Course community’s in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra and St. Johns. We do however, service many that are not.

DON’T let this fact scare you about pricing! On the contrary… while we DO provide more quality and value than those “Bait & Switch” scammers, we usually end up costing YOU less.

If you are not sure how that makes any sense, I invite you to make a FREE no obligation phone call to my office and I’ll prove it. I can do this easily based on my clients’ past nightmare stories dealing with these coupon scammers. (Harsh words… but true.)

So what is Carpet Cleaning and which method is most recommended?

Homeowners and business owners usually inquire about Carpet cleaning, for many different reasons. The first and foremost is appearance, and then for removal of stains, dirt, and allergens. Clean carpeting is recognized by all major manufacturers as being more visually pleasing, potentially longer-lasting, and probably healthier than poorly maintained carpets.

Many consumers make the mistake of referring to carpet cleaning as “steam cleaning“, when in fact it is actually, hot water extraction cleaning. The hot water extraction cleaning method aka. truckmount carpet cleaning uses highly sophisticated equipment that sprays very hot water on the carpet fibers. Simultaneously, the water is vacuumed up, along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt, rinsed to remove alkaline and carried out to the van through long hoses . Many carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the most effective carpet cleaning method.

These manufacturers STRONGLY recommend having hot water steam extraction performed once every 6 months. This systematic process of  preconditioning with a mild Alkaline agent such as Flex by bridgepoint for nylon fiber or synthetic carpets, or slightly acidic solution for wool carpeting. The technician pre-sprays this solution into the carpet. Next, he or she will use a pressurized  cleaning tool called a wand and makes several passes over the fiber surface to rinse out all residue, dirt, allergens and particulates. If an alkaline detergent is used on  wool fiber carpeting, use of a neutralizing solution will restore neutral fiber pH. The acid rinse, also known as a neutral pH rinse neutralizes the alkaline residues and leaves carpeting soft, fluffy and less likely to get re-soiled.

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Action Home Pro Carpet and Tile Cleaning is Currently Accepting New Clients for 2018 Home Cleaning Season

Friends, we are currently accepting a handful of new clients for the 2018 cleaning year. If you are ready to experience the best carpet cleaning in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Julington Creek and St Johns County then we invite you to call our office and introduce yourself. Our friendly team is always here to assist you with your carpet and tile cleaning needs. So when you are ready to leave those scammers and unscrupulous cleaners with their silly coupons and ridiculous offers and experience integrity, friendliness, security and great workmanship then its time to call Action Home Pro and have it done correctly. For those clients that would like to have a CLEAN and HEALTHY home All-Year-Long while saving money and getting a ton of FREE Bonuses… Then you REALLY need to check out our EXCLUSIVE system designed to Over-Deliver on every visit.

Get ready to be AMAZED with the Worlds Only Year-Round cleaning system called: Effortless 365

Click the link below and you’ll be whisked right over to the  Effortless 365 page where you’ll discover how all of our Exclusive clients receive clean carpeting and tile all year long while actually eliminating hassle, frustration and expenses!

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Action Home Pro serves over 1000 clients in the Jacksonville market. Many clients have been with us for over 32 years and continue to recommend us daily. Please take a moment and watch the video to see what some of our clients have to say.

Frank Santagato \ President Action Home Pro

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