Tile and Grout Cleaning in Jacksonville FL

For nearly 17 years Action Home Pro has been leading the Tile and Grout Cleaning industry in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra new truck mount technology and new high performance tile cleaning tools. For super clean and like new grout call our office today. (904) 564-9300

Add high quality Tile & Grout Cleaning to any Effortless 365 system for as little as $10/mo.

Discover Effortless 365

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OK Frank… What the heck is Effortless 365?

Effortless 365 is a VERY limited access system developed by us – in house. It is a TESTED and PROVEN way for discerning homeowners {that care about their home} to SAVE over 50% off market pricing, get on-track with the industry recommended cleaning schedule and REMOVE 100% of all the stress and angst that has plagued ‘carpet cleaning’ for so long.
Due to market costs, stress of scheduling and mostly dis-trust and fear… over 93% of homeowners told us these are the reasons they DO NOT clean their carpets regularly. Sad. Both Monsanto and Shaw {the worlds largest carpet manufacturers} recommend Truck-mount hot water steam extraction 2 times within 12 months. Or…. twice per year. With Effortless 365 – YOU get these cleanings and they are Stress-Free and very, very reasonably priced! No more filthy – STINKY carpeting.
Simple. Only fun, enjoyable and NICE clients are allowed. {No stress… right} Also, we only DRIP access to these plans so we can assure 100% satisfaction and over-deliver on EVERY appointment.

Way less than anyone “thinks”. Listen friends, this is a “Mutual Agreement” system and I will NOT expose the price on this page due to competitors trying to copy what we are doing. I will share with you that we offer full membership to the “ELITE Plan” {which also includes 2 cleaning per year} for LESS than anyone else in a 100 mile radius! Also, when you secure your system with an “Initial” cleaning this starts the membership and your service subscription for Elite will cost so little our clients tell us we are CRAZY. CLICK HERE to be brought to Entry into Effortless

  • % of clients on ELITE Plan 12%
  • % of clients on PLATINUM Plan 38%
  • % of clients on TITANIUM Plan 50%

Removes STRESS and FEAR


Here at Action Home Pro we have a 33 year history of guaranteeing everything we do.


No "Scams" Allowed

WARNING! Don’t fall prey to those “Bait & Switch” cleaners that promise service and deliver crap! Action Home Pro has thousands of high-end clients that refer us daily. You get the truth and massive service with integrity.


What is "Angst" in carpet cleaning?

“Angst” is the constant feeling of being unsettled and frustrated coupled with fear and discomfort. Effortless 365 ELIMINATES angst 100% and delivers non-stop cleaning all year long with minimal effort on your part and we have been accused of making carpet cleaning…  “Fun”.     Who’d a thought having your carpets cleaned could actually be an enjoyable experience??

Add Tile & Grout to YOUR Effortless System

Go check out the systems and pricing available today. Once you get inside, you’ll have 3 different ways to get in contact with us.