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What IS The #1 Concern When Hiring A Carpet Cleaner?


TRUST is the biggest concern most homeowners have when looking for a carpet cleaning company. This is because many clients have been scammed in the past.

Knowing who is in your home, moving freely from room to room should be your biggest concern, not trying to save a dollar or two. YOU must take an active role in “vetting” the technicians you invite into your home and you must work with a company that has a very well established presence in a community. This helps guard against hiring companies that are out to steal your money and give you crappy service.

Homeowners and business owners usually inquire about Carpet cleaning, for many different reasons. The first and foremost is appearance, and then for removal of stains, dirt, and allergens. Clean carpeting is recognized by all major manufacturers as being more visually pleasing, potentially longer-lasting, and probably healthier than poorly maintained carpets.

Many consumers make the mistake of looking for coupon ads or money mailers and simply try to hire a cheap carpet cleaner. This almost always ends badly. These companies scam and bait you with lower pricing and then apply high-pressure sales tactics to get very high invoices.


Action Home Pro’s – 5 Star Reviews from Google

I have been a customer since the company first got started here in Jacksonville. I’ve always received excellent prompt service. The technicians are professional and trustworthy. The owners take great pride in providing a quality service at reasonable prices. Highly recommend for carpet cleaning

Catherine Driscoll

Walking into my house with floors that look as if they had just been redone definitely was the best part of this experience. Frank the owner is professional, kind, and puts a lot of passion into his work. I am so excited to be a part of their effortless program that not only gives a discount but allows you to pay a small price every month until the next cleaning so you don’t have to come up with the lump sum of money up front. I am sold on this company they have gone above and beyond my expectations and I am so grateful we found Action Home Pros for our floor cleaning and grout needs!

Priscilla Burgos

Been using Action Home Pro for a few years now. Every time they do a job it’s nothing short of perfect. Great service and great people to deal with. I feel no need to call anyone else. Would definitely recommend their service.

Hank Griffis



Eliminate The Stress EVERYONE Else Have To Deal With

Your High-Level program eliminates all the stress and hassle many homeowners are used to deal with.

All Action Home Pro carpet and tile cleaning members use High-Level to save money and experience a clean and healthy home all year long. Call Frank NOW and check it out.

How Often Should Carpeting be Cleaned?

Great Question…

Carpet cleaning Service is that one item that is overlooked the most often. Many clients tell us that they simply “put-off” having their carpets cleaned because they don’t want to deal with the hassle and stress associated with finding, hiring and haggling with those bait & switch cleaning companies.

Sadly, this creates a horrible scenario of filthy carpeting, permanent stains and heavily trafficked patterns in your carpet that simply can’t be reversed. All because so many bad companies have ruined nice peoples experiences.

The correct answer for “How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?” is – at least TWICE per year.

Most carpet manufacturers not only recommend, but require 2 professional hot water steam cleaning extractions per year in order to maintain factory warranties on carpeting. They also recommend or require the re-application of high-quality fabric protection at least once per year.

These recommendations are often overlooked and we see carpeting that has not been cleaned in over 10 years!  This is very unhealthy and usually requires carpet replacement not cleaning.

Call me today to discuss your cleaning options.



Eliminate STRESS and FEAR


Action Home Pro professional carpet cleaners have a 33 year history of guaranteeing everything we do.


No "Scams" Allowed

WARNING! Don’t fall prey to those “Bait & Switch” carpet cleaners that promise service and deliver crap! Action Home Pro has thousands of high-end clients that refer us daily. You get the truth and massive service with integrity.


What is "Angst" in carpet cleaning?

“Angst” is the constant feeling of being unsettled and frustrated coupled with fear and discomfort. Effortless 365 ELIMINATES angst 100% and delivers non-stop cleaning all year long with minimal effort on your part and we have been accused of making carpet cleaning…  “Fun”.     Who’d a thought having your carpets cleaned could actually be an enjoyable experience??

Over 1500 Action Home Pro Clients Use Our Carpet Cleaning Services Annually

Frequently Asked Questions

Friends, please take a moment and look through these questions. When we first launched Effortless 365 we were inundated with questions that while valid… really didn’t matter with this type of system. The most frequent question was – How do I know my house will “fit” into this plan? Next was, can you please go over the pricing in detail for me? At the end of the day, none of these questions really affected the purchase of one single system. Why? Because Effortless 365 is NOT like calling a carpet cleaner and paying for a 1 – time scrape the dirt of the surface cleaning and then wait another 3 years until you call us again. Nope…. it is way different. It’s a system designed to deliver you a clean, fresh and great smelling home Year – Round for a very reasonable price… it is PACKED with service. Call us TODAY.

How do I know my house will fit into the system?
For over 20 years we have been in and out of THOUSANDS of homes. The one factor that is true for nearly 90% of the homes we clean is this… weather it’s an 1880 sq. ft. home or a 3700 sq. ft. home the amount of carpeting is customarily right around 800 to 1200 sq. ft. Soooooo….. every system we have is based on an average of 1000 sq. ft. of carpet. If your home has less… don’t worry we make sure YOU get an extra bonus or two. If your home has more… we make it work and still deliver exceptional quality and service. However… if your home has 2600 sq. ft. of carpeting we’ll need to adjust the system cost. Let’s keep it simple and just work honestly with each other.
What is - Initial Cost and Subscription Cost and how does that work?
Great question. For over 3 years we worked to perfect the START of the system and then the easy continuation. We tried several different variations looking for that perfect answer. Well, it took a while but our clients developed this for us. Initial Cost: This is the (1) time fee that you pay to “Lock-in” your plan. You buy it NOW if we have systems available. It includes your first full cleaning and fiber protection and tile depending on which system you purchase. Once you pay and receive the paid certificate, you have up to 3 months to schedule THAT initial cleaning. This allows YOU to grab a system if we have any available, even if you don’t or can’t clean right away. Then… the “subscription” is the small ongoing fee that is systematically paid each month and guarantees you a fully paid for cleaning every six months. This is a MUTUALLY beneficial agreement between Action Home Pro and YOU. ** Truth disclosure….  With the service subscription, YOU help us control costs and we have a set revenue we can gauge for each and every month and in turn for helping us SMOOTH out our revenue line… we give you half price cleanings with over-delivered service every six months. It really is that simple.
Why do you keep opening and closing the system?
During our post-testing phase (where we are right now) we have kept the introductory pricing at a very, very low amount. We are constantly monitoring and analyzing costs vs. revenue to make sure we stay viable and able to over-deliver. We have a very sweet-spot right now so we “Drip” systems and make a small number available so we can maintain quality and profits. Once we reach our Introductory saturation point all systems are expected to increase by at least $360 a year. That’s why you should go now and see if we have any “Founders Club” pricing available now.
Don't Be Shy... Check it out.

Go check out the systems and pricing available today. Once you get inside, you’ll have 3 different ways to get in contact with us.