Action Home Pro About Us

Owner Frank Santagato shares history of Action Home Pro

My name is Frank Santagato and my family has been serving the best clients of Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra for over 30 + years.

Born and raised in Upstate New York in a little town named Mechanicville just outside of the Horse Racing city called Saratoga Springs. In 1982 my family moved to this area and opened our first company that become the number one and most sought after automobile restoration company in Jacksonville. We were invited to join in with the Brumos Porshce and Mercedes Benz facility and provide first class detailing and restoration for the best of the best clients in the area.

In 1998 we opened our second company Action Home Pro which started as a need for our high-end car clients that were begging us to help them with there homes. That was the beginning of Action Home Pro Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra.

Please feel free to call our office and introduce yourself:  (904) 564-9300