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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning Jacksonville FLIf you own or manage a commercial property Action Home Pro is the only company you will want to call for Commercial Carpet Cleaning in the Jacksonville FL market.

Commercial carpet cleaning companies use a large array of cleaning methods to remove soils, residue, stains and spills from carpet fiber. The carpet cleaning may include both corrective cleaning and routine cleaning – including carpet, tile and grout, partition walls, furniture and cleaning. Carpet cleaning though, even with regular vacuuming, needs hot water extraction applied every 06 to 12 months for most heavy use commercial facilities.

Different Commercial Carpet Cleaning Techniques

The primary method of cleaning for most commercial properties including Shops, High-rises, Function Centers and Restaurants is Hot Water Extraction. With this process a large truck mount houses a piece of equipment that produces hot water under pressure and massive amount of vacuum that is required for rapid drying and removing and dislodging soils and dirt from carpet fibers. For a more detailed explanation of Carpet Cleaning click here.

Other popular types of cleaning processes that are used for Commercial buildings such as Offices, Showrooms, Schools and Medical Facilities is Dry Cleaning. There are several types of carpet cleaning that fall under this process. Here are just a few. Dry compound, Encapsulation, Bonnet and dry foam carpet cleaning. While all of these methods appear to leave a clean finished product, non leave a carpet rinsed and thoroughly clean like Hot Water Extraction.

While many engineers and facility managers believe hot water extraction leaves carpet too wet and takes a long time to dry, this is simply not true if you hire a reputable company with expensive equipment. Action Home Pro Commercial Carpet Cleaning uses high powered air movers to help promote rapid speed drying for work places.

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