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Action Home Pro has a history of delivering High Quality Carpet Cleaning and Tile and Grout Cleaning for very reasonable prices. Here at Action Home pro we often give the warning that “what seems too good to be true” – usually IS. For the past 32 years we have helped homeowners recover from being scammed by immoral carpet cleaners in our city. Many of these unscrupulous companies Bait & Switch customers with ridiculous offers that only end in total disappointment and a feeling of being ripped off.

It’s time for you to experience quality, integrity, the best, most polite and happy technicians and owners in the Jacksonville area. Call our office today and we would love to speak with you. Simply call¬† (904) 564-9300 today.

What to expect when you hire Action Home Pro as your Carpet Cleaner

carpetfinalHomeowners will usually inquire about Carpet cleaning when they notice embedded dirt and stains in the carpeting. Often, many customers turn to those coupons and mailers to try to find a “Deal” when they need to resolve these issues.

Many consumers make the mistake of believing a $99 “Whole house carpet cleaning” is going to solve their problems. The sad reality is, usually this first phone call is the beginning of a nightmare “high-pressure” experience that leaves many homeowners with a really bad experience. Loss of hard earned money and usually they still have filthy carpets that are now soaking wet.

How do we know this is true? Sadly our clients share these stories everyday. And the reality is, most of the time we are the same price and often times LESS than what they paid by the end of the appointment. You see, these companies have 1 goal and it is NOT your satisfaction! It is a $500 to $600 invoice. PLEASE don’t fall prey to these crooks in our industry. All you need to do is pick up the phone and begin the best consumer relationship you have ever experienced.¬†

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See what one of our happy Action Home Pro clients had to share.

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