Tile and Grout Cleaning

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How To Choose A Tile and Grout Cleaner

Tile and grout cleaning is the most amazing service you can have done in your home. Our truckmount cleaning system restores tile and grout to like new quality with little mess, little hassle and is dry within minutes of cleaning.


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Tile and grout cleaning is performed with a truckmount unit. Hoses are run into the home or business and all of the noise, hot water and vacuum for water recovery is taken out to the truckmount unit which is located inside our work van.

Action Home Pro Tile and Grout Cleaning

Removes STRESS and FEAR


Here at Action Home Pro we have a 33 year history of guaranteeing everything we do.


No "Scams" Allowed

WARNING! Don’t fall prey to those “Bait & Switch” cleaners that promise service and deliver crap! Action Home Pro has thousands of high-end clients that refer us daily. You get the truth and massive service with integrity.


What is "Angst" in carpet cleaning?

“Angst” is the constant feeling of being unsettled and frustrated coupled with fear and discomfort. Action Home Pro ELIMINATES angst 100% and delivers high-level cleanings delivered with care and thouroughness. With our family run company we make having your carpets and or tile cleaned an enjoyable experience??

Residential and Commercial Applications

Eliminate gross disgusting filth and stench from your grout today.