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For nearly 22 years Action Home Pro has been leading the Tile and Grout Cleaning industry in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra new truck mount technology and new high performance tile cleaning tools. For super clean and like new grout call our office today. 1-904-564-9300

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How To Choose A Tile and Grout Cleaner

Tile and grout cleaning is the most amazing service you can have done in your home. Our truckmount cleaning system restores tile and grout to like new quality with little mess, little hassle and is dry within minutes of cleaning.

Our truckmount equipment provides your tile with a thorough cleaning and disinfecting. With temperatures reaching nearly 230 degrees our high vacuum we are able remove dirt, oil, grease with relative ease leaving your floors looking great and smelling great.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning FAQ

As floor covering choices increase for homes and businesses, so do the preferred methods of cleaning. If you have ceramic tile, porceline tile or natural stone tile, our certified truckmount cleaing is the correct method to clean tile and grout. Our highly trained technicians can remove dirt, oil and grime from grout lines and tile face making them look new again.

Depending on the type of materials we are cleaning and the types of filth, we can use 2 types of chemicals. The first is an acid based product used for removing rust, urine and tannin stains. Most jobs however are based on removing dirt, oil, grease and doggy slobber from tile and grout. For this we use a slightly alkaline product follwed up with 210 degree high pressure extraction out to the truckmount – leaving behind clean, fresh tile and grout.

Most homes require cleaning tile and grout at least once per year. Many commercial locations such as restaurants and high traffic sales facilities may require 4 to 6 times per year.

Tile and grout cleaning usually requires and on-site visit to quote properly but I will share that most high-end residential homes (with standard tile and grout) will typically cost about .65/sq. ft. Call me for a free over the phone estimate and if needed we can also schedule an in home visit. 905-564-9300

  • % of homes without tile 4% 4%
  • % of old homes with tile 38% 38%
  • % of new houmes with tile 95% 95%

Tile and grout cleaning is performed with a truckmount unit. Hoses are run into the home or business and all of the noise, hot water and vacuum for water recovery is taken out to the truckmount unit which is located inside our work van.

Action Home Pro Tile and Grout Cleaning

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What is "Angst" in carpet cleaning?

“Angst” is the constant feeling of being unsettled and frustrated coupled with fear and discomfort. Action Home Pro ELIMINATES angst 100% and delivers high-level cleanings delivered with care and thouroughness. With our family run company we make having your carpets and or tile cleaned an enjoyable experience??

High Quality Tile and Grout Cleaning for both Residential and Commercial Applications

Eliminate gross disgusting filth and stench from your grout today.

Tile and grout cleaning is a very popular service for both homeowners and business owners. The reality is, tile does get dirty and grout eventually becomes dingy and covered with chemicals used in the mopping process.

Many clients have asked Action Home Pro what is the best way to keep their tile and grount cleaner, longer? The simple answer is to mop more often and to use a very absorbant chamois style mop head that actually absorbs water and dirt rather than a cotton mop or pad mop that will eventually lay the dirt and oil directly into the grout lines.

We also get asked our opinion on sealing grout and tile. The facts are all over the place when it comes to the added exspense of applying sealers. I will share my personal opinion here stating that after 20+ years of cleaning thousands of tile floors, I see NO real benefit in applying an exspensive sealer.

Even after a sealer is applied, it rinses off rather quickly with moppings and it DOES NOT keep the tile face and grout lines from getting filthy. Even after spending hundreds of dollars sealing tiny little grout lines… you will still have to have grout professionally cleaned. So why waste the money on sealers?